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The membership of EVMC
Members receive a card for the gate and a key to the driver’s position and are allowed to use the track all year round for training and club competitions. Check our agenda for the complete overview of training and competition days.

Membership is entered into for an indefinite period and is equal to a calendar year. A calendar year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Interim termination of the membership is NOT possible interim registration does. Termination of the membership can only be done in writing (may be by e-mail) and must be received by the secretary before 1 November of the current association year, only then will the membership for the next association year be considered terminated.

Contribution for new* and existing members from 18 years is € 223.- (EVMC membership € 100.-, DMC membership/insurance € 48.- and a work contribution* € 65.-).
Contribution for members up to and including 14 years is € 60.- per year (no work contribution) and for members aged 14 to 17 years is € 80.- (no work contribution).

*New members pay a one-time registration fee of € 10.- for the DMC. If you have made a contribution to the maintenance of the club, the work contribution will be deducted at € 50.- for the next calendar year. You also get a drop (for the gate) and a key (for the drivers position) so that you always have access to the circuit, for this a deposit of € 25.- has to be paid.

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