On this page you will find all information about (guest) driving on the track and the Mini-z track of EVMC.

The EVMC has a permanent outdoor circuit which is described as a fast and challenging job. There are covered key places and a large club building with catering. There is also a permanent Mini-z track next to the outdoor circuit on the first floor of the clubhouse.

Guest drivers on the circuit or Mini-z track are welcome at the EVMC. Guest drivers (like members) must comply with the house rules. On the circuit, it is currently only possible to join a guest with members and/or when the canteen is open. For Mini-z, in principle it applies that the whole year can be driven on Friday evening. For current opening times, it is best to fill in our contact form.

Guest driving on the circuit
For adults € 15.- each time
For riders up to 16 years € 5.- per time

Guest driving for Mini-z
€ 7,50 per time (maximum 3x, then join or take a strippenkaart)
Strippenkaart € 75.- (11x drive)
Membership Mini-z, for ages till 14 € 60.- (1 calendar year, 48 weeks)
Membership Mini-z, for ages till 18 € 80.- (1 calendar year, 48 weeks)
Membership Mini-z, for adults € 96.- (1 calendar year, 48 weeks)

Route and address